Chinese New Year Event

On Thursday 15th February 2018, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year at St Agnes’ CE Primary School. There will be lots of wonderful activities all linked to the traditionally Buddhist Festival. We will also learn how this links with our Peace Mala Values as the Buddhist Bead is the first orange bead on our bracelet.

On a Peace Mala the Buddhist Faith bead is ORANGE: This represents Buddhism. Buddha Shakyamuni taught that we should be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions and show loving kindness to everyone. All beings by nature are one.
                Peace message: I will act towards others exactly as I would act towards myself.

 We will come together as a community at the end of the school day to a celebration event where our families can take part in lots of crafts and activities linked to the festival and learn what the Chinese New Year of the Dog will hold for us. Please join us for this wonderful celebration in the main hall at 3:20pm and join in the fun with your family.


Please see Ms Lynton if you would like to support this event or a member of our Parent Ambassadors.

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