Coffee Morning – Active Families

Active Families Bronze Award is coming to an end!

Well done to all of our families who have attended our Active Families Sessions this half term! We are rapidly coming to the end of these sessions and the families will be presented with their Bronze Award in a special ceremony! We are now ready to welcome some more families to join the course, ten more in fact! So why not join us on Friday 30th November at 9:15am to learn all about the project and how you and your family can get involved!

Sessions take place every Tuesday at 3:30pm-4:30pm and you can bring all members of your family, including toddlers to join in with these fun sessions


So what is the Active Families Project?
We have trained a member of staff (Miss Lea) and two parent volunteers from our school as Family Activity Champions and we have trained them to facilitate groups of families to commit to becoming more active together. This includes:
After-school activities. This is block of six sessions of fun activities for families held directly after school one night of the week on school St Agnes with ten different families who will do a block of sessions each term which would include a range of accessible activities such as games, skipping, treasure hunts and dance (a total of 30 families over the year).
Home activities. From these sessions the families will also be given activities or challenges to do together at home to try and increase their regular daily activity levels. If they attend the six sessions and complete the home activities they get a bronze award. (If they attend all sessions across the year they can aim for the Gold Award).
Community Activities. As part of a silver award families are then encouraged to access other opportunities and facilities in the community in the evenings and weekends (e.g. swimming, cycling, badminton, activities in parks etc.)
Families who show that they had sustained increased activity over several terms would then get a gold award.

This is a two year project and during the second year we will deliver successful elements of the project to a further 30 families from St Agnes’ CE.
Our Parent Champions will get an accreditation (Level 2 City and Guilds Award in facilitating groups or working with parents) for their work.

We love Our Parent Champions – Mrs Anwar and Mrs Bhutta and Miss Lea, Our Teacher Champion!
We have to say a huge thank you to both Parents who have offered to dedicate their Tuesday afternoons as a Active Families Champions and support the running of the sessions. Both have attended the training sessions for this and have already given up so much of their own time to ensure the launch of our Project was a success. We are so excited about this project as we are one of only 5 schools in Manchester supporting this National Project work!

Come along to our coffee morning on Friday and learn more about the sessions and the benefits to all of the families health and wellbeing!


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