Coffee Morning Feedback!


Thank you to all parents who attended our coffee morning yesterday! It was a fantastic event and the staff who attended loved having the opportunity to talk with you and share your ideas about the up and coming academic year.   Below are some of your comments:

Healthy Lifestyles

Many of our parents have commented on the need for more family learning events linked to health such as:

Yoga with their children

Support with making healthy lunches at home

Advice for families who have children with fussy diets

Access to the school lunch menu here at St Agnes’

When asked what ‘Afterschool Facilities’ the families would like us to provide parent’s responded:

Art and Crafts Sessions

Maths Clubs

Cooking Club

Gardening Clubs

Sports Clubs

Spelling Bee Club



Parents would like more extra curricular activities such as:

Trips out of the city of Manchester

Families to have more opportunities to travel on trips with their children

The children’s choice of trips to change as they feel they are the same year on year

More culturally diverse trips, so the children can see how multi-cultural the city of Manchester is

E Safety

Parents would like more support with:

Training on basic ICT skills

Training on E Safety for Families

Children to be more informed on the dangers of the internet and certain apps

Advice on ‘safety filters’ and what filters should be used to keep the children safe whilst on the internet at home

Parental Involvement

When asked how we can improve our Parental Involvement parent’s responded:

More courses and workshops are needed for parents

Cultural days and more culturally diverse involvement with families across the school

Dads and Lads Days to encourage more male representatives from our families to become involved at school

Talks and visits from successful past pupils for families and children to enjoy

More effort needs to be made to reach out to new to school parents and those who work



Parental Involvement is key to success of any school. We will now work on improving the matters discussed above and hopefully ensure stronger home school links are made in the process! Many thanks to all who attended this meeting.











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