Healthy Eating Workshop 05/10/2017

A HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful families who attended our ‘Food as Brain Fuel’ workshop this morning, which was planned to share the need for a healthy diet to ensure our children have the right energy levels to be successful at school. We had a wonderful morning learning about the importance of a healthy diet. The parents had the chance to see how much sugar is hidden in some of the foods that we unwittingly give to our children. There were lots of experiences shared between the families, such as the children’s diets and the difficulties in steering our children away from high in fat or high in sugar foods, especially as they are often packaged so attractively. We had lots of wonderful advice from Louise McErlain and her team from Manchester Fayre. As always we cannot thank them enough for their support and hard work, ensuring that all of our families are equipped for a healthy lifestyle!

Our biggest thank you must go to Nichola Dempsey, our School Cook! She made a number of fabulous healthy dishes for our families to enjoy and share with the toddlers who came a long to the session too. It was great to see so many of our families sitting relaxed, enjoying an early brunch and sharing their experiences of healthy eating at home.


Thank you to all of our parents who attended today!

Keep your eye on the website for our next event, which will be in the Autumn 2 Term.

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