We Week started with a bang (of a drum)!

On Monday, we had our first of many social issues that we wanted to change with our ‘We Care Day’. Pollution and Traffic are both social issues that impact negatively in so many of our children lives. All children at St Agnes’ looked at the impact of both pollution and traffic on the environment, as well as the impact on their health! We learned so much about the issues not only Longsight face, but also Manchester City Centre too.

On Monday morning we had our ‘We Week’ Traffic Protest. Thank you to all of the families who supported this. Thank you to BeLongsight for attending too. Raul’s drumming certainly made our voices stronger as we chanted for safe parking around our school and an even bigger thank you to Roxana Alison for capturing the protest with these amazing photographs!

Have a look at some of the photographs below:


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