Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day 2019

At St Agnes CE we will be ‘Staying Mellow and Wearing Yellow’ across the day on Thursday 10th October. This is a real chance for us all to stand as one and raise the profile of the hundreds of children in the city, who suffer from Mental Health problems. We will represent a warm and welcoming glow of colour all day at school as we take part in lessons, that help us see that it’s OK to not be OK.

Children soak up information from the world around them. If they are in an environment where they are given negative views about their feelings and about talking about or sharing their worries, they are likely to view people with depression in a negative way. If children start to feel overwhelmed by their emotions, they will probably feel ashamed, try to hide what they feel and will not seek help, should they ever need it!

At St Agnes’, we encourage an environment where talking about how you feel is acceptable, where asking for help is not considered to be a weakness. We want our children to know how to ask for help and not feel ashamed or different or needy for doing this.


At St Agnes’ we feel our mental well-being needs to be equally as important as our physical well-being. 


Below is a link for advice and support for parents should you have concerns about a child’s mental wellbeing. Ms Lynton is the school Mental Health and Well-being Lead at St Agnes’ CE. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Lynton, via the school office, if you feel that your child may need support with their mental well-being.



Phone: 0161 2246829
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50 Hamilton Road,
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