Sports Premium 2015-2016 Impact Evidence





Physical Education 2015-16 Key Actions

  • Audit of staff skills and review the quality of the school PE curriculum through staff questionnaires.
  • Evaluation of long/medium term planning. School curriculum strengths and weaknesses identified and plans in place to address issues.
  • Programme development for staff CPD. Additional support for staff through 1-1 supported planning sessions, team- teaching sessions, informal meetings or lesson observations of skilled PE teachers.
  • Development of a new whole school PE curriculum and assessment system to support staff and pupils in recording and monitoring progress.
  • Raise the profile of PE and sport within the school through the establishment of a Sports-Leader Programme, a PE House point system and PE noticeboard.

Staff CPD

Staff surveys identified staff concerns in the teaching of gymnastics so staff CPD for gymnastics was identified as a target priority. Results below after CPD show clear impact.

staff-analysis-may-2015  staff-analysis-june-2016

satff-cpd-feedback-leanne staff-cpd-feedback-leanne-two staff-cpd-feedback-michelle-one-1 staff-cpd-feedback-michelle-one

Furthermore investment was made into purchasing the new Manchester PE scheme of work and the Youth Sport Trust skills to achieve tracker software to monitor progress and support staff with planning.

manchester-scheme-of-work skils-achieve-admin-image


Raising the Profile of PE

September 2015

Establishment of a schools Sports Council and School Playground Leaders training .

playleader-resource   games sportsleader-resourcessports-leader-timetable

Sainsbury School Games mark

Use ‘Sainsbury’s School Games award as a development tool to improve school sport. Investigation into the award and identification of marking criteria that could be applied to our school. Bronze level award targeted. School would require:


Plans in place to provide all pupils with two hours of physical education and school sport per week inclusive of extra-curriculum provision;

engage at least 20% of students  in extracurricular sporting activity every week;


Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition.


Playground leader surveys completed in November 2015  identified a lack of pupils participating in sports outside of school and the lack of sports clubs for years 1-4.



More after-school clubs established.  Extra clubs established yoga, hoola-hooping, fundamentals YR1, football Yrs 3/4 and girls only football.create club-links and aim above the Bronze targets. Provide pupils with 6 intra-school sport competitions (athletics& multi-skills) and 4 inter-school competitions (football, rugby, multi-skills)


schoolgames-bronze sports-awards-2








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