Peace Mala Ambassadors

Our Peace Mala Ambassadors have been busy this week, designing posters to be displayed around the school, which will sign post children to them if they are in search of a friend. The children thought long and hard about the qualities they had and why children should look for them in times of trouble. The biggest quality of course is being a good listener! Listening is important as all of the children who are Peace Mala Ambassadors have previously had conflict resolution training and are now able to use words rather than anger and violence to deal with difficult conversations or situations on the playground through ensuring they listen to everyone involved.

The Peace Mala Ambassadors are children from both Years 5 and Year 6. They are identifiable by the bracelet that they wear. The Peace Mala bracelet is made from a double rainbow of beads that represent the 14 major faiths of the world. The message we share is that by respecting each other and standing side by side, we can break down all forms of ignorance and intolerance.

We believe the values of the Peace Mala ensure all children at St Agnes have an awareness of their impact on others and promote the golden rule of ‘Treat others and you would wish to be treated yourself.’

This week the children have played a part in the amendments of our ‘School Improvement Plan’ as we felt their work and message of the values of the Peace Mala are an important part of ensuring our children are global citizens for the future.

Please see Ms Lynton if you would like anymore information about this fantastic work!

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