Peace Mala Poster Promises

 Let Peace Be in the World and Let that Peace Begin with Me

At St Agnes CE Primary School, we celebrate the many diversity of faiths, cultures and lifestyles in a city such as Manchester,  since our Peace Mala journey began back in June 2016. We have made many trips to share our message of Peace, most recently a trip to Cardiff and Bolton. We have 12 Peace Mala Ambassadors in our school, six children from Year 6 and six children from Year 5. These children have the special job of supporting the children around the school in their times of need, as they represent the most peaceful pupils in our school and show the most resilience in times of conflict and when issues arise.

This week during our meeting we made Peace Promise Posters. These posters would sign post children who needed help to the Peace Mala Ambassadors and would allow the children to choose which one had the right qualities to suit their needs best. These are displayed around the school building. Please take a look at our posters below:

At St Agnes CE Primary, we believe that our pupils have the right to learn in a safe environment and believe they should feel and be safe at all times. To enable this to happen we work together with all members of the school community to promote our Peace Mala Golden Rule:

‘To treat others as you would wish them to treat you!’

We believe that being part of the Peace Mala community has allowed us to help aid our children in becoming better local and global citizens. The posters we have made show the many qualities that are needed to ensure we can live peacefully. We look forward to continuing our Peace Mala work for many, many years to come!


If you would like anymore information about the Peace Mala please book an appointment to see Ms Lynton


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