Peace Mala Preparation for the Breacon Cathedral Performance


As a part of our Peace Mala work, we will be taking part in a wonderful International Inter-faith Liturgy for World Peace which will take place at Brecon Cathedral Wales on 16th September 2019,  starting promptly at 1pm

It will be a truly wonderful occasion and we are extremely proud to be performing the Peace Mala Anthem on the day. All Peace Mala Ambassadors will need to know the words to this song, so they can prepare themselves for this performance I have attached the words below. If you click on the player button below you can listen to the song to support your learning of the words.

Good luck learning the words guys!


Peace Mala Anthem- One Light

Stars are lighting up our path

And souls are woken

The deepest ocean

Sings the song within our hearts

As we join together

We share with each other

The key to peace throughout the world


One light to guide us

One love to hold us


See the beauty here on earth

From sunrise to sunset

Take my hand and

Dance to the light that guides us home

No words can express the beauty of the

Love, which sings throughout the lands


We share together; we care and live in peace

With each neighbor as a friend

For we behold the truth which is


One Light to guide us on our way.

As we journey onwards

Love is all around to show a brighter day

Take my hand and Love will show the Way

One Heart

One Love

One Light.


Copyright © 2016


Music and Lyrics by Michael Lee Walton


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