Do you believe in Fairies…..?

Do you believe in Fairies…..?

This week we are continuing our theme of fantasy and adventure with our fairy week. The children will be enjoying thinking about our small magical friends all around the classroom.




This week our Chilli challenges all have a magical theme, from using fairy dough to create a house for a fairy, to creating our own wands and Fairies in the creative area. How many challenges will you do? Let’s see who wins the prize this week for star of the week, get busy chilli challengers!


Can you make a magic wand?


Can you make a fairy?


Can you make a fairy house?

Here are some of our children’s effort so far:

Umamah’s fairy house:


Samia and Yusuf’s Fairies:


Remember there is a prize for the star of the week who pushes themselves to do the most challenges!

Good luck!

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