Reception Home Learning: Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning reception class  – it’s a Friday 1st May.

Wake up, Shake up


Our new story is called ” The Gingerbread Man”. Here’s Pie Corbett telling the story using Talk4Writing actions.

Now your turn: Retell the story using these words to help:


Today’s sound is oa

It’s a digraph (2 letters/1 sound)

Can you find it on the sound mat?

Use your phonic knowledge and blending skills to read these oa words:


Let’s start with a song: Dancing in the sun

Can you say the numbers from 1-20? Perhaps you could do it with another person and take it in turns to say a number.

Have a look at these number lines. Do you know what the missing numbers are ?


Now it’s your turn:


Write the addition calculations in your work book using numbers and symbols, for example:

1 + 3 = 4


Relax and Unwind



Note to parents:

Have a safe and peaceful weekend.

Keep in touch,

Mrs Chowdhury, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Smith

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