Reception Home Learning: Friday 3rd July 2020

Good morning reception! It’s…


The last school day of the week, before ‘the weekend’.

Do you know which 2 days are at the weekend ? They both begin with the same sound………..

Say the days of the week in order;








Can you write them in your workbook ? Copy the spellings carefully.

Let’s get moving with a Wake Up, Shake Up!


Listen to the song and join in !

Listen to this story by Oliver Jeffers. It’s called  “The way back home”

What do you notice about this story, compared to “How to catch a star ?” What is the same ? Different? Similar? Draw a picture of the part of this story that you liked the most.

Complete the remaining sheets in your handwriting booklet:


Join in with ” Boom shake the Alphabet”


Complete the worksheet below, matching each capital and lower case letter.


Watch this video all about subtraction:


Solve these subtraction problems, in your home learning pack:

Relax and Unwind

Keep in touch and if you’re happy to share photographs of your child’s work with us – please send them to

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Chowdhury, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Smith.

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