Reception Home Learning: Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Reception! I hope you had a fantastic bank holiday weekend.

Wake Up, Shake Up!

Daily Maths Meeting:

Our new number of the week is: 24

The number that is 1 less than 24 is…

The number that is 1 more than 24 is…

Can you do 24 jumps?

Can you tell me what the temperature is? Is it warmer or cooler than yesterday?


Can you remember what the title of our story is?

This week we are going to have a go at changing the story to make it our own. We call this the Innovation Stage.

Let’s have a go at changing the main character: The Gingerbread Man.

What character would you like to choose? Make a list of ideas of things that you could bake that might run away!

Here are some examples:

  • Rabbit
  • Duck
  • Elephant
  • Horse

When you are making your list, have a think about the different ways each animal moves.


Today’s sound is the ur

It’s a digraph (2 letters/1 sound)

Can you find it on the sound mat?

Have a go at blending the words below? Use the pictures to help you.

Can you use some of these words in a sentence?


Can you have a look at the number sentences and complete them?

Look at each number sentence carefully and read the number sentence.

Relax and Unwind

Note to parents:

Have a fantastic day!

Keep in touch,

Mrs Chowdhury, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Smith

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