Reception Home Learning: Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning! I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Let’s start with a Wake Up, Shake Up.

Daily Maths Meeting:

Our new number of the week is: 22

The number that is 1 less than 22 is…

The number that is 1 more than 22 is…

What day is it today? Listen to the Days of the Week song to help you remember:

What date is it today?

Monday 27th April 2020

What day was it yesterday?

What day is it tomorrow?

Can you tell me what the temperature is?


What is the title of the story we are reading?

Have a think about who is the villain in this story and why. Is it the giant or could it possibly be Jack?

Can you create a ‘Wanted’ poster to help catch the villain?


If you have access the a printer you can print the sheet here:


Have a go at blending the words in the video.

Challenge: Can you put the words in a sentence? (If you’re not sure what they mean ask a grown up)


This week we will begin to look at addition by counting on.

Can you remember what the add sign looks like?


Watch the video below and see if you can solve the answers before the video.

Practise couting on, the video will show you how:


Roll a dice and write down the number you get.

Roll the dice again and write down the number you get.

Can you add the 2 numbers together by counting on?

Relax and Unwind


Note to parents:

Please remember to share any activities you are doing with your children at home and if you have any questions, we will be happy to reply in the comments section below.

Thank you, stay safe and keep in touch.

Mrs Chowdhury, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Smith




  • Saira Posted 27th April 2020 12:47 pm

    Do they do the work in the learning pack aswel or will u let us know when we need to do it

    • Mrs McCutcheon Posted 27th April 2020 2:58 pm

      Hi there,
      They can do the activities in the home work packs as and when they would like. We recommend a little bit every day to make sure the children practice their writing skills and pencil control. Good luck!
      Mrs McCutcheon

  • Raheem butt RT Posted 27th April 2020 3:18 pm

    Miss the temperature for to day is 12°c

  • Muhammad Mohsen Abbas Posted 1st May 2020 3:17 pm

    Hi there, really excited everyday for the home work

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