Reception Home Learning: Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Reception!

Day 4 of home learning and it’s Thursday !  Click on the song and join in. 


How many different ways can you say ‘hello’ ? You were all really good at saying it English, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Bengali and Chinese. 

Can you sign it ? Here’s Mr Tumble to help. 




Wake up, shake up.

Choose one of these or make up your own:


Daily Maths Meeting

Our number of the week is 19.

Can you clap, stomp, jump, touch your nose and hop 19 times ?

Say the numbers from 1 to 20 and then backwards from 20-0.

Can you count the seats, stairs and lights in your house? Which thing do you have the most of ?

Here’s a game to play:

Write the numbers from 1 to 10, then from 11 to 20 in your work book.


For phonics we will be looking at blending sounds to read words.

Watch the video below:


Find things in your house that begin with the ‘s’ sound. Draw them in your work book.


Reading: Keep reading your books, little and often. You can read a free ebook at;

or listen to a story at

For a bedtime story you could have a look at:


Note to parents:

Please feel free to share any activities you are doing with your children at home and if you have any questions, we will be happy to reply in the comments section below.

Thank you, stay safe and keep in touch 🙂

Mrs Chowdhury, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Smith


  • Amina Posted 26th March 2020 1:26 pm

    The daily updates, on the class page, have been very useful and we have been using this as a guidance to plan each day. Thank you so much for all the staff, we really appreciate the efforts.

    • Mrs McCutcheon Posted 26th March 2020 4:18 pm

      Thank you for letting us know these has been useful, we are so pleased you are enjoying all the activities! Keep up the hard work at home you are doing a wonderful job. Have you got a favourite activity so far? Stay safe!

  • Muhammad Mohsen Abbas Posted 3rd April 2020 3:45 pm

    Did the counting from 1to 20 backward and wrote from 1to 10 and from 11to 20 in my work book

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