Reception Home Learning: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Reception!

Day 2 of home learning!

Remember we must do our Daily Maths Meeting everyday:

Daily Maths Meeting

Our new number of the week is…Can you remember?

Can you tell me what is 1 more than 19?

Can you tell me what is 1 less than 19?

Lets count to 19:

What is the day today?

What day is it tomorrow?

Can you remember our days of the week song?

Keep practising the one you watched yesterday:

Don’t forget to find out what the temperature is today! Just type into Google: what is the temperature today?

Can you comment below to tell me what the weather looks like outside?


For phonics today we will be looking at tricky words. Look at the tricky words you learnt yesterday.

Watch the Tricky Words song video:

Challenge: Find the ‘qu’ words in the sentences below:

The queen wears a crown.

Quack quietly, little duck.


For maths today, can you play the ‘Let’s Compare’ game on Topmarks and look at the different sizes of the different objects?


For Literacy today have a look at the following image:

Can I draw a picture that would match each caption?

Can I draw a picture that would match each caption and copy the initial sound?

Can I draw a picture that would match each caption and write a sentence using the key word?

Cosmic yoga

Relaxing time!

Well done everyone! I hope you had fun completing the activities 🙂

Note to parents:

Please feel free to share any activities you are doing with your children at home and if you have any questions, we will be happy to reply in the comments section below.

Thank you, stay safe and keep in touch 🙂

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