Reception Welcome Meeting Follow up

A big thank you to all the parents able to attend our Reception Welcome Meeting Yesterday, we had a good turn out and it was fantastic to see and talk to so many parents. For anyone who wishes to refer to the notes from the meeting at any time please see the information below.

Thank you again for your continued support!

The Reception Staff.

Reception Welcome Meeting notes


Miss Farrar – Triangles Class Teacher/Early Years Leader.

Mrs Chowdhury – Triangles Teaching Assistant


Miss Adderson – Circles Class Teacher

Mrs Jones – Circles Teaching Assistant


Miss Blackman – Reception Partner Teacher



School opening and closing times

Monday                  8:55am – 3:15pm

Tuesday                 8:55am – 3:15pm

Wednesday            8:55am – 3:15pm

Thursday               8:55am – 3:15pm

Friday                   8:55am – 2:30pm

It is very important that your child has good attendance and is on the school playground at 8:55am ready to start their day, so that they can benefit fully from their time in school.


Please note, children are not allowed to use the bikes in the Early Years playground before or after the school day for safety reasons.


Curriculum and website

Our School website is now up and running and will be updated regularly with important information about the topics we are covering and any information about special events such as class trips.  Please select the tab for the class pages and once you are on the reception page select “Just Circles” or “Just Triangles” for your child’s class page.

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage as our curriculum, links to the curriculum and other information can be found on the “Reception News” page of the website.

A new Baseline assessment has now become a legal requirement and so during the first 6 weeks of this term your child’s teachers will be settling your child into school life whilst getting to know them and assessing their current abilities. During this time the children will not have any formal teaching of phonics or numeracy to ensure the baseline is not affected, however they will have the opportunity to access all areas of school life and we will helping the children to make friends and learn how to behave in school. The children will also be taking part in Music, ICT and PE lessons in this time.

We have three carpet times during our school day where the children will take part firstly in Phonics where they will learn about letters and sounds; Secondly in numeracy, where they will learn about numbers, shapes and measures; and thirdly Literacy where they will learn about stories, rhymes, reading and writing.


Guided activities and independent learning

When the children are not taking part in carpet times they will have the opportunity to take part in guided activities working with a teacher in smaller groups to practice what they have learnt and develop their learning further. The children also have time for independent activities where they can freely develop their skills with their friends in their classes and follow their own interests.

We do go outdoors in all weathers as part of our learning experience and so it is important the children come to school in sensible clothes and shoes such as trainers or school shoes with a warm/waterproof coat if it is cold or wet.

Please, no sandals or heels.


Book bags

After half term the children will begin to bring home books to practice reading at home and so we ask that parents provide a book bag, these can be bought from the school office for £3 and will be useful as the children move further up the school.


PE kit

We will be doing PE indoors twice a week and so we ask parents to provide a white t-shirt and black shorts/leggings in a labelled plastic bag, school are providing a kit bag for these to be kept in at school, the plastic bag can be taken home at the end of the half term for the kit to be washed. No pumps or trainers are needed in this kit as we will be inside and doing PE in bare feet.


There is a school uniform and pupils are encouraged to wear it. The uniform includes a green jumper or cardigan, black or grey trousers, and a white shirt or polo shirt. Jumpers with a school logo can be purchased from “The Uniform Shop” on Stockport road if parents wish however plain green jumpers or cardigans are just as smart.

Snack times

During the school day the children have access to fruit, milk and water as healthy snacks, if there are any foods your child is allergic to please let your teacher know.

Please bring a water bottle for your child to use in the classroom, this should only contain water, no juice or fizzy drinks please.



We love to celebrate birthdays in Reception but cannot give out cake or party bags, we can however give out wrapped sweets or chocolates.


First aid and medical requirements

There are 3 members of staff fully qualified in First Aid who will be available to assess and treat your child if they have an accident at school. Accident slips will be filled in and given to parents at home time, if the accident is of greater concern you will be telephoned to let you know what has happened.

If you child has any particular medical needs such as an asthma inhaler, suffers from eczema or any other condition or allergy please let your teacher know as soon as possible.


Phonics Workshops

The Reception classes will be holding phonics workshops which will help to demonstrate how we will be teaching your children to read and write, a letter will be given out closer to the time with more details. Please also keep checking the Reception class pages on the school website as information will also be posted there.

Phone: 0161 2246829
Manchester, M13 0PE
50 Hamilton Road,
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