Achievement Assembly 13th November 2017 EYFS and Key Stage One


It has been another fantastic week at St Agnes and there is a lot to be celebrated at our school. This week’s Achievement Assembly focused on EYFS and Key Stage One. Let’s see who our wonderful winners are:



Fatimah T has been really confident this week, talking lots with others and speaking to the adults in the Nursery. Miss Weale and Mrs Panteli are very proud of her.

Jannet J has been amazing Miss Farraf and Mrs Ahmed with her fantastic story telling of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The Children in her group has been very impressed with her story telling skills too.

Reception Circles

Mehjabeen has impressed Miss Adderson with her talking during group time and how with how much she has been joining in at group time.

Ridwan has been super confident last week too, joining in with class discussions during carpet time. Well done, Ridwan!

Reception Triangles

Mahnoor has had a fantastic attitude, being a ‘persevering parrot’ which is one of our characteristics of learning. She has been staying on tasks for long periods of time and never giving up. Keep up the good work, Mahnoor!

Obaid has had a fabulous week too. He has been showing a real ‘can do’ attitude and is trying more and more chilli challenges each week.

Year One Circles

Safwan has been working hard all week and using his writing targets to support his work. He produced a fantastic piece of writing about our trip to St Agnes’ Church and the staff are very proud of his work as he has actually met most of his writing targets in this one piece.

Hasan was able to share his knowledge of how glass is made with the whole class. He also told the class that it is very dangerous to look up at the sun as it can damage your eyes. He has impressed the staff with his knowledge and understanding of the world this week!

Year One Triangles

Saima has been amazing this week! Mrs Milner-Davey has been extremely proud of the wonderful work she has produced.

Yusuf H showed fantastic effort in all areas of his work this week. The Year One staff are really impressed with his work ethic!

Year Two Circles

Aoranos has been using her reasoning skills to explain her understanding of Maths. Her understanding is fantastic and Miss Oxley is extremely proud of her!

Wahid has been an excellent example for others and his behaviour in class and around school is OUTSTANDING! Miss Oxley wanted to celebrate with the rest of the infants and share how wonderful he was!

Year Two Triangles

Tayba produced some fantastic writing last week! Mrs Haggart was so impressed with Tayba’s final paragraph, it had exciting sentence structure and was the perfect end to a wonderful writing piece.

Yousuf has been using a logical and methodical approach to solving tricky maths problems last week. Mrs Haggart is super proud of the Maths he has produced as a result! Well done, Yousuf!











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