Approriate Clothing for School in Winter

Dressing for Winter and Outdoor Education at School

You will have noticed the sharp decline in the temperature today and will be aware that this is the start of what is expected to be a very cold winter. During the school day, the children are outdoors at various points and in winter this can be an enjoyable time if you are dressed properly.

For this reason, we are asking that your child has suitable clothing on every day, this includes sensible footwear . It is also safer when you are dressed properly and enjoying your time with your friend on a wet surface, if you have appropriate clothes and shoes on. Remember: there is no bad weather when learning outside, just bad clothing choices that hamper our learning. In winter, the best idea is to stay warm and dry. So sandals with socks for example are not suitable and wellingtons and full shoes are 🙂

Here are a few things to think about when going outside in cold weather:

Will my child’s feet stay dry in the footwear I have chosen?

Are my child’s clothes suitable for outdoor play?

Has my child got an appropriate coat for wet/snowy weather?

Please support your child’s learning by ensuring they are dressed in weather appropriate clothes as we start to face the winter months.


Many thanks,

Ms Lynton


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