Achievement Assembly 09.10.17


At St Agnes’ CE the children are always reaching for the stars! This is why the staff and children always look forward to the celebration time on a Monday morning in our Achievement Assembly. Today it was the turn of our EYFS and Key Stage One children. Let’s see who are superstars are this week:


Reception Circles

In Reception the children have been working on their letter formation, making sure they start each letter in the correct place. Humaam and Mehmoona were chosen to receive special recognition this week for their wonderful work. Miss Adderson also mentioned that both children are always busy completing chilli challenges in the classroom. This shows they are both self- motivated learners which is something we always celebrate!

Reception Triangles

There was just as much to celebrate as Mrs Smith and Ms Hewat wanted to celebrate the success of Nafiun and Amna! Both children were new to St Agnes’ in September and have settled into school really well. Both teachers felt this was due to their fantastic behaviour and ability to make friends with others.


Year One Circles

We celebrated the work of Adam and Yaqub this morning as they have been such busy writers all week. Yaqub had used his phonic knowledge to write about how he would prepare for the class birthday party, which was held last Friday.  Adam has been a welcomed addition to Year One Circles and Ms Lyons also wanted to thank him for his beautiful work that he had produced using his phonics knowledge.

Year One Triangles

Mrs Cadwallader was extremely proud of two boys in her class as she felt that had made an extra effort with their behaviour this week. Both Faizaan and Yusuf had a fantastic week and Mrs Callwallader was so impressed with their behaviour that she wanted to share it with the whole school. Well done boys!


Year Two Circles

Ms Oxley and Mrs Sangster were extremely proud of the systematic approach that Aoranos took with her maths work this week. They wanted to share her book with all of the children in the hall. They were also very proud of the work that Faizan produced as he is now using commas and suffixes with great confidence. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Year Two Triangles

Mehnaz was thanked for always having lovely manners this morning. Mrs Haggart commented on how other children could learn from Mehnaz as she has such impeccable manners. Mrs Haggart also thanked Adam for his amazing Maths work. He had produced some precise lines in the class session on measuring and had accurately measured them all too! Well done Adam and Mehnaz!



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