Great British Street Clean Up in Longsight 26.3.2017

Well done to all involved in our ‘Great British Clean Up’ today!

Many thanks to all of the residents, families and staff of St Agnes C of E who attended the big clean event today. The sun definitely shone for the team of cleaners and the streets and alleyways were gleaming where the our ‘Great British Clean Up’ volunteers had worked.

The alleyway and street clean up event was hugely successful, as you can see in the image of the numerous bin bags of litter that were collected. As the families left the alleyways were decorated with bunting and Longsight certainly looked a much cleaner and brighter place to live, thanks to their hard work!

Time to clean…


The alleyways and streets are clean and decorated

Time for our reward… Tea and Cake 🙂


The clean up focused on Hamilton Road alleyway between Slade Grove and Clitheroe Road, behind the APPNA Stores. These alleyways looked much nicer after our clean up today and the area is now a much safer place for the children to play in. The staff, children and families of St Agnes that attended the event, happily worked side by side with the residents, ensuring the streets of Longsight were a much better place for all who resides there.

Well done to all involved,  especially Cath Collison who organised the event! Together with her team, she has ensured we really did make a difference in the community by bringing us altogether to make Longsight cleaner.

A Reminder for all children who attended the event today:

Any child from St Agnes C of E, who attended and supported the event today will receive an ‘I LOVE LONGSIGHT BADGE’ for their hard work. They will  also receive special recognition in our assembly for making a difference to our surrounding community, by being presented with a certificate and a house point by Ms Rose in our Monday Morning Assembly.

You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for other’s rights and the environment. RRSA Article 29

March 26th, 2017

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