Key Stage 2 Achievement Assembly 24.4.17

It’s time to celebrate the wonderful work of St Agnes’ Key Stage 2 Children

Starting with the fabulous children in years 6T,4C, 4T,5C and 6C for walking to school and gaining their travel tracker badges this week. Well done to all children involved. Keep on walking to school and help us to better our environment, lessening our carbon footprint as well as impacting on your own health, by keeping fit!

Year 3C

Mubariz has had a fabulous first week back after the Easter Holidays. He has overcome his initial fear of working with a new partner and is now confidently working alongside them. Well done, Mubariz! Great to see you broadening your social circle and making new friends!

Khadiyah had a super week too, being delightful to work with and always acting responsibly when both inside and outside the classroom.

Year 3T

Ahad really persevered in Maths all week and could tackle any tricky work given, getting every sum right! He could work on 10 less and 10 more of any given number and eventually worked out 100 more or 100 less!! Well done, Ahad!

Attifa has tried amazingly hard to extend her descriptive writing recently and has now started to use metaphors and similes in her work. Well done, Attifa.

Group of the week: Turquoise

Year 4 C

Safaa won her award for her super paragraphs in her writing pieces last week. Well done, Safaa. The staff really loved reading your work 🙂

Zoya has been extremely confident too. She has excelled in confidence when swimming and this is increasing each week.

Group of the Week: Mountain

Year 4T

Saffa has worked really hard in maths to convert analogue to digital time. Well done, Saffa!

Nafisa won her special recognition for always smiling and being cheerful! She is a model example of an enthusiastic  learner too; working hard in every subject.

Group of the Week: Scary, Spooky, Snowy Mountain.

Year 5C

Saiyeem has achieved recognition for his really positive attitude after the holidays. Always having his had up and participating in every session very enthusiastically.

Hafsah worked so hard last week.  She did all of her times table grid in 6 minutes! She has a super, positive attitude and is always  trying to improve herself.

Group of the Week: Pharohs

Year 5T

Ammaar used excellent descriptive writing. Well done, Ammaar!

Salahuddin for starting his spooky stories with much improved vocabulary. Well done, Salahuddin!

Group of the Week: Sir Isaac Newton

Year 6T

Hamza’s special recognition in our assembly was for his knowledge of his times tables as it is phenomenal! He can apply this to his understanding of decimals too.

Alifa has been amazing the teachers last week with her focus on addressing any gaps in her understanding that may help her with her SATS. She has been taking lots of advice from the teachers and making sure that she puts it into good use when completing any work set. Well done, Alifa!

Group of the Week: Caspian Tigers

£10  was also won by 6T for  their fantastic 100% attendance last week!

Year 6T

Hamza’s success last week was in the area of commitment and dedication. He had sustained a hard working attitude all week, staying focused and showing he has developed some real maturity when it comes to learning. Well done, Hamza!

Samaya was thanked for being so kind and considerate. She is a hardworking student and has impressed all of the teachers with her commitment to her learning.

Ms Ripper thanked all of Year 6 children for working so incredibly hard and expressed that all Year 6 teachers were very proud of their dedication and focus over the last few weeks.


Well done to all of the Key Stage 2 Children. It has been a very successful week and the staff are very proud of all you have achieved.








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