St Agnes’ does the Decades!


St Agnes’ does the Decades was a huge success today. We cannot thank the staff and children enough for the fantastic effort they put into their costumes and their learning. This day was planned as a part of  our History and British Values Curriculum Areas. We had a variety of wonderful ‘living history’ exercises such as learning a tea dance in the 40s or preparing for war in the 30s. We looked at historical articles in the news, reading lots about the experiences of many children who attended our school in the 30s, 40s and 50s. It was so interesting to read all about their experiences and see how much we have changed as a school since they attended.

In the morning, the children arrived to the news that the staff had been time travelling and had arrived at school through a portal from a variety of decades. Have a look at some of the staff below and see if you can work out the decade they had travelled from.





The children have had a fabulous day and now have a wealth of knowledge about their decade and the decade of other year groups, after our special assembly. Why not ask your child what they have learnt about British History and how they compare it to Britain today!





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