This week’s Peace Mala Winner is…

Over the week, the Peace Mala Ambassadors are given the challenge of finding a child in the school who represents the values of the Peace Mala.

Knowing that the Peace Mala focuses on the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would wish them to treat you”. One Peace Mala Ambassador Representative chooses a child from any year group and hands over a Peace Mala Bracelet for that child to wear.

The Peace Mala is a double rainbow symbolic bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between the faiths and all people in our world. It cuts through all forms of prejudice and celebrates what makes us different from each other.

It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world. The decision of who should wear the Peace Mala is never an easy one, as we know the children are at St Agnes’ Primary are all awesome!

This week Oliver in Year Six wore the Peace Mala and he was the perfect example of an accepting, tolerant and loving pupil. He handed the bracelet to Hafsa in Year Six during our Special Celebration Assembly on Friday. Musa explained that Hafsa had been chosen as she was so mindful and respectful of all children in her class, always putting the needs of others first. Well done, Hafsa! You’re the perfect example of a Peace Mala Person.


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