Waste Week

Welcome to Waste Week. Throughout this week, we will be looking at ways of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic. We hope that you are able to support us during this week by finding alternative, eco-friendly options for some of the more common single-use plastics found in school, such as cling film, disposable water bottles, chocolate wrappers and crisp packets. We are also running a plastic waste fact-finding mission, using posters displayed in the hall and all correct quiz sheets will be entered into a draw to win a fabulous eco-prize. The winner will be announced on Friday. The children and staff have also been busy filling out pledge slips, writing down what they will be doing this week to reduce waste. My pledge is to not use plastic wrap or foil for my sandwiches. Instead, I will be using a reusable beeswax wrap. For more information regarding Waste Week and ideas to help you reduce plastic use, please go to jointhepod.org




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