Great British Clean Up Success

Great British Clean Up Success

On Sunday 24th March, we supported the ‘BeLongsight’ Community Great British Clean. What a joyous occasion it was! As many of our families, both young and old,  played an active part in keeping Longsight Clean. We cleared the alley way behind the Appna Store and the streets surrounding the factory opposite school, to ensure our children had a safer environment to walk and play in. We collected over 20 binbags of rubbish and rubble.

Next, it was time to start our ‘plant up’ in the alleyways! Lots of the children were engaged throughout, brightening the recycled bins with a variety of different coloured plants. Mr Uddin helped Raul get to work with the huge bag of compost as we worked with Mrs Pantelli to ensure all plants were planted safely. Mr Lammas was extremely hard at work with a few children, who were still clearing the rubbish at the side of the factory, but did manage to join us in the end, with both of his dogs in the alleyway. A windswept Ms Lynton, tackled the alley with her enormous sweeping brush too. The children worked so hard and achieved so much. The alleyways and streets looked amazing!

What a wonderful project to be involved in! Knowing that we as a school can make a real difference to the community with BeLongsight. We cannot thank Cath, Roxanna and Raul from Belongsight enough. They have empowered our children, given them the belief that they CAN make a difference. We are already looking forward to our next event with the team and cannot wait to see where our next ‘Big Clean Up’ project will take us!

















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