Homework 07.02.20

Maths homework:

Miss Brown’s group: Purple book pages 18, 19, 88 and 89. White book pages 24 and 25
Mrs Crowhurst’s group: fractions worksheet Purple book pages 88 and 89
Mrs Hallsworth’s group: Purple book pages 18, 19, 88 and 89

English homework:

Grammar test. Complete the test style questions.
‘Memorial of a glacier’ comprehension sheet.
Have a think about the two main points you are going to try and persuade your family to change at home to help combat climate change. Here are some websites that could help.

What is climate change?

Spelling homework:
6C: ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ when the sound made is ‘ee’! This week we are looking at words that have the pattern of ‘cei’ following the exception rule of being straight after the letter ‘c’.
deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling, receipt, protein, caffeine, seize, neither.
6T: This week, we are looking at spellings that belong to the same family of words. The particular root word that we are going to look at this week is ‘mit’. ‘mit’ comes from the Latin word that means ‘to send’. In many words, it can also mean ‘to miss’.
commit, committee, transmit, submit, commitment, emit, permit, intermittent, omit, unremitting


Mathletics tasks have been set. Once completed, you can use Mathletics Live to practice your quick mental skills.

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  • marwar khan Posted 7th February 2020 6:42 pm

    MISS but i dont know what to do can you tell me on monday please

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