Mr Johnson’s group – Wednesday 20th May

Good morning my group!

How are you?

We’ve got lots of exciting learning today – so let’s get going!



Here is your Learning to Blend lesson for today. You will need your pencil and your workbook. Enjoy!

Phase 3

To warm you up, let’s play flash cards, speed trial

First of all go onto Phonics play (link below) and log on using the free login details provided on the home screen.

Then follow the link below and choose phase 2.



And let’s try some tricky word trucks:

Make sure you’re still logged on to Phonics Play and follow the link below. You can try Phase 2 and Phase 3!


Our phoneme (sound) for today is:


Let’s play igh bingo!


Draw a bingo grid with 4 sections.

Choose 4 words and write them on your bingo grid.

If anyone else can play, they need to do the same thing!

Ask a grown up, brother or sister to read out words from the picture above in a random order.

If you have a word that is said, cross it out!

When you have crossed out all of your words, shout bingo!

This game is fun every time you play!



For the rest of this week, we are going to be measuring height, length and distance.

Today, we are going to be measuring height.

Height is all about how tall things are.

These are some important words that we use when we are talking about height:


short                                     tall

shorter                                  taller

shortest                                 tallest


To help us understand these words we’re going to use some Lego people – Adam, Jim and Ava.

Adam is tall.

Ava is short.

Adam is taller than Jim.

Jim is taller than Ava.

Ava is shorter than Jim.

Jim is shorter than Adam.

Adam is the tallest.

Ava is the shortest.


Now it’s your turn:

Here are some Lego superheroes:

In your workbook, can you write some sentences about the superheroes using the words below?

short                                     tall

shorter                                  taller

shortest                                 tallest


Here is an example:

Iron Man is taller than Super Girl.

If you would like, you can leave some of your favourite sentences in the comments.

It would be great to hear from you!


A story to finish with:

I hope you enjoyed today’s learning!

Now that you’ve completed your maths and English learning, you can find some brilliant topic lessons in the Year 1 section (or Year 2 section if you are in Year 2).

These will be labelled as science, geography, history, art, PSHE, computing, design technology (DT), physical education (PE), music or religious education (RE).


Stay safe and keep smiling!

Mr Johnson

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