Road Safety

This week the children will be reminded about the dangers of traffic and learn some rules to use to help keep them safe when crossing the road.

Your child will take home a booklet written specifically for parents which gives guidance on relevant aspects of road safety. Please support us in educating the children in road safety, by reading the booklet and reminding children of the rules. Children will learn best if they receive the same clear safety instructions from home as from their school.

Holding hands

*When your child first starts to walk with you, talk to them about how they must always hold your hand. Make sure hand-holding is your number one rule your child always follows, especially when crossing roads. If your child is likely to pull away from you, use safety reins or a wrist strap.

Teach road safety

*Make sure they understand the meaning of stop, go, traffic, danger, look, listen, walk don’t run, and other key road safety words.

*Children under eight should always be accompanied by and hold hands with an adult around roads, particularly when crossing.

*When you decide to let your child walk independently, remind them about the importance of crossing safely using the Green Cross Code, paying attention to the road, and help them to plan the safest possible route (along quiet, slow roads with pavements or traffic-free paths) to school, the park or their friends’ houses.

Further information can be found at:


So get outside, enjoy the fresh air, walk to school if you can but remember our rules!

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