This term – Charters

In Spring term 2 and Summer term 1 we will be looking to set up our class charters and whole school charter.

To achieve Level 1 of the RRSA Award one of the criteria is for classes and eventually whole school/dining areas/play areas to establish a charter.

Charters or agreements based on the Convention that help everyone to understand their rights, are introduced into all classrooms and the wider school.

Standard C 1


A charter for a rights respecting classroom (or any other part of the school) sets out:

  • those rights selected from the UNCRC which are deemed to be most relevant. The rights should be worded in language that is meaningful to the children.
  • beside each right, the actions agreed between all children and adults to ensure that the rights are realised.
  • who agreed to the charter. This is often done by all signing it.

What is agreed is then set out in a way that can be easily seen around the room / area.

Charters can be developed with the active participation of children from infant onwards. A charter acts as a reminder of the shared values and principles based on the UNCRC and is applicable to all.


The aim is to make the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a real and meaningful guide to action on a day-to-day basis. This means the process of creating the charter should be inclusive and model its aims so that the class charter unites the children and young people in the class. The charter develops a sense of ownership of the classroom and learning. Once developed it becomes a point of reference for the class and once signed by the teacher, assistants and pupils it signifies a shared enterprise and acts as the ‘social glue’ which binds everyone together.  We would recommend that children also have a say in where and how it is displayed. These decisions will be influenced by the setting, area and age of those involved.

Keep an eye for what they look like and what they mean for each class!

Here are some that are already completed:

6C                                                                       4C                                                            6T

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