What a super week!

Year Two have worked very hard this week and have been learning lots!

We have written some incredible stories which we are looking forward to publishing next week; we think you will enjoy reading them.

There have been lots of super spellers, it is fantastic to see so many children taking the time to practise at home.

This weeks super spellers are:

In 2T: Abdul, Tamjid, Mahira, Marva, Samina, Tanzeela, Aayan, Musa, Saima, Safaa, Shifat, Yusuf, Aadam, Zakariyya, Fazal, Halima and Faizaan.

In 2C: Zakaria, Safa, Zekria, Munira, Sufyaan, Adam, Umair, Raifah, Saara, Yaqub, Fatimah, Aminah, Safwan, Mominah and Samia.

Well done to everyone!

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