Happy Hanukkah!


As a part of our Rights and Respecting and Peace Mala work, we combined our Christmas Jumper day with the wonderful festival of Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jewish community and is the first blue bead on our Peace Mala bracelet.


What is Hanukkah?

In the UK, and all around the world, Jewish adults and children celebrate the Jewish festival of lights called Hanukkah.

The date of Hanukkah changes every year, because it depends on the calendar, but it will always fall in November or December. This year it starts on the 22nd December and ends on the 30th.

The festival lasts for eight days  and the word Hanukkah means ‘re-dedication’ and celebrates one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history.

On Friday 13th December, we learnt about the miracle that is celebrated and how do people mark the festival.

Fun and Games

Hanukkah is a fun time for children, as they will receive gifts and Hanukkah money.

Some families give each other a small present on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Traditionally, there is a special game that children and adults play together. It involves a spinning top called a dreidel, which is a cube-shaped dice with a Hebrew letter on each of the four sides.

At school, we had the chance to make a dreidel and played the game and Year 4 made a giant ‘Hanukkah’. We learnt that on each night of Hanukkah, a new branch is lit. The ninth holder, called the shamash (“helper” or “servant”), is for a candle used to light all other candles or to be used as an extra light.

We made paper plate versions of the Hanukkah, lego versions and peg alternatives across the school and shared our work in a huge assembly, before we invited our families in to share our learning in a special celebration event after school. Have a look at some of the images from the day below:


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