Key Stage 1 Achievement Assembly 13. 2. 2017


In the Nursery, Ridwan won this week’s award for becoming super confident in Maths and sharing all of his knowledge of numbers with the teachers.

Humna won her award for being super clever in her numeracy lessons and her phonics sessions. Well done to both children for being so hard working!


In Reception Circles,

Every day in Reception the children are set a chilli challenge. Whilst in the areas of learning, they decide whether to try a Tricky challenge (Spicy),  Thinking challenge (Medium) or a Maybe easy challenge (Mild). The children make the decision on the day as to how much challenge they undertake. They are learning to become self-motivated learners and we are very proud of them. Well done, Ferdous, Aminah and Safa who chose to complete lots of ‘Spicy Challenges’ this week. That’s why they are our stars!!



Aminah                                                                            Safa                                                                                                                                                                      Ferdous


In Reception Triangles, Muhammad A was this week’s Star of the Week as he had been working really hard at home and at school with his reading. Zainab won her award for working hard and using her sounds to read words in her book. Well done to both children!! We are very proud of you!

In Year One Circles, Ruqayyah was this week’s Star of the Week as she has been remembering her writing targets and using them to make her work better! Fariha won her award for using the displays in the classroom to help her with any spellings she found tricky! Both children have been thinking about how they can improve their writing and we are very proud of them.



In Year One Triangles,  Ahmed and Umamah won Star of the Week for their fantastic ‘Diary Writing in Space’. Mr Uddin loved their beautiful handwriting so much, he asked both children if somebody who was a lot older had written it for them!! Well done to both children!! Super writing and we are SUPER proud of you!




In Year 2 Circles, Abdullah and Sambrina  both won Star of the Week for excellent learning at home as they had both put extra effort into their homework and home reading this week. Ms Oxley was extremely proud of both children and could not wait to share the children’s work in our assembly this morning!! Well done to both children!! Super work at home means we can achieve super things at school!! We are SUPER proud of you both!



In Year 2 Triangles, Ibrahim and Kyenatt won this week’s Star of the Week award for their ‘Incredible Maths’, both children have found a deeper knowledge of number and Mrs Barker is very proud of them of both!! Super Maths from our Super Stars!!!




Winning Groups this week :

Year 1T Red Group

Year 1C Orange Group

Year 2T Goldfish

Year 2C Amazon

Well done to all of the children in these groups!! Keep up the good work!!!

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