Key Stage Two Achievement and other news this week Week Beginning 2/3/2017

   Well it has been a very busy week at St Agnes C of E Primary as there are lots of things to share and celebrate.

At the beginning of the week, we opened our book fair and lots of our families came to buy their children books. We have raised money for our own school library in the process, so many thanks to all of the families who came and bought their child/children books this week. Reading is the key to success in the majority of subjects, so supporting your child in this way will have a huge impact on them as a learner.

On Monday morning, we celebrated Key Stage 2’s achievements in our celebration assembly as well as acknowledge  the many winners of our book fair competition. Have a look at our special achievers below:

The Winners of the Book Fair Create a Front Cover Competition

6T Laiba

5C Riyad

5T Jakiyah

4C Museafa

4T Abdullah

3c Fahim

2C Zahra

2T Kashan

N Zara C

These children all made a fantastic effort and created beautiful front covers that we have displayed around our library area.


The Children who had special recognition for the efforts that they had put into their week at school were:

6T Haidar and Mohammed C for their fantastic gymnastic routine Mr Lammas was very impressed with their work.

6C Jannah for her fantastic writing piece that covered most of Year 6 writing expectations. Miss Ripper was particularly proud of Jannah and the work she produced.

Arif for his amazing writing in his ‘mystery’ story. Miss Ripper and Mr Lammas were extremely impressed with his writing skills.

5T and 5C This week the teachers felt that they simply could not choose individual winners and gave all children in both classes special recognition for the thought and effort that the children too when making their solar system models.

See the models below, we are sure you will agree that they’re amazing.


4T Emaan had special recognition this week as she knows all of her times tables and can recite any if given any timetable questions from memory. Her knowledge and confidence has really impressed Mrs Haggart and the Year 4 team.

Fatmah has impressed the Year 4 team, as she has written some fantastic descriptive pieces of writing.

Shakira has been super caring and helpful at Swimming. She is always thoughtful and caring for the needs of children who are not as confident as she is.

4C Farhad has impressed Mrs Warrilow and the team this week with his super reading. He has been reading lots when at home and at school and has made great progress over the past few weeks.

Khadiyah was recognised for her ability to ask for help when she is unsure of something. She has been putting her hand up more in class and making a real effort to ask more questions. Mrs Warrilow is extremely proud of her.

3T Jawaad impressed Mr Maguire with his super fraction work. He has been showing some fantastic understanding and is confident in his maths work as a result.

Itmam was also recognised for his

3C Maliha has been really catching Ms Ryan’s attention with the wonderfully kind ways. She is thoughtful and helpful and is the perfect friend if you ever need help.

Marwa has been asking lots of questions and has been extremely proactive as a result of this. Ms Ryan is especially proud of Marwa as she can see real growth in her confidence.


Other celebrations…

Y4 Haidar and Farhad swam 50 Metres this morning at the pool. Both children worked very hard to achieve this. The staff are very proud of them both.

Image result for swimming animated gif



Y5 Mr Lammas thought that Naseeha and Louise’s paired gymnastic work was outstanding this week and asked if their names could be placed on our website as they deserved special recognition.

Amazing Assembly from Reception Circles this morning! The staff, children and families loved the Reception Circles performance of Supertato. It was an OUTSTANDING assembly! The children were super confident and the parents were extremely proud of the children’s achievement! Well done to all of the staff and children involved!!

Image result for clapping hands animated gif


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