Our Attendance Cream Tea was a huge success!


What a wonderful morning was had by all who attended our 100% Attendance Cream Tea event this morning! There were 34 parents attending the event, joining their children in the main hall for a cream tea breakfast! It was super to see as all of the families as they started to gather in the main hall. In total, 58 children achieved 100% since the start of the academic year in September.  This is something that we should celebrate and shows all of Miss Oven’s hard work to improve our attendance has paid off this year. This obviously excludes time taken for Eid celebration, as we feel it is important that families can observe their religious festivals together. But I am sure you will agree, that this is an amazing achievement and needed to be celebrated in style!

During the event, there was a special presentation event for the children who had 100% attendance. Mr Uddin and Miss Oven presented the children with their 100% Attendance badge, certificate and pencil. It is fantastic to see so many children and their families in attendance and a fabulous time was had by all. It was great to see so many dad’s in attendance too! Such a family feel and promotion of the importance of attending school every day. If you missed out on the chance to join us, take a look at the images below, your always welcome to attempt this special achievement as you start your learning journey in your new class in September!



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