St Agnes’ Choir delivers an Outstanding Performance!


Both staff and children have had a fantastic day today, as we visited the Buddhist temple in Stretford to support their celebration event after the community had taken part in ‘The Bathing of the Buddha’ service this morning. The children were a part of a fantastic lineup of wonderful acts from the Chinese Community and the people at the temple were extremely impressed with the children’s performance and their choice of songs. Before we left we had the chance to visit the main shrine in the temple, it was beautiful and we learnt lots about the special celebration of Bathing the Buddha!

A special thank you must go out to Miss Hewat, Mr Lammas and Miss Ryan who all joined us at the temple, as without their support this trip would have not taken place. Many thanks to all of the families who also ensure their children were at school on a Sunday for this special trip too!

Here are some images from the day!




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