World Mental Health Afterschool Event

Thank You!

Many thanks to all of the families who attended our afterschool event to raise the importance of good mental health. Today is World Mental Health Day and it was wonderful to see so many families taking part in activities such as ‘Mindfulness Colouring’, ‘It’s Good To Be Me Tasks’ and using ‘Our Chill Out Zone’. A big thank you has to go to Mrs Heap who led a Yoga Class in the small hall with Mrs Haggart, as well as all the other staff who ran activities or stalls. These events couldn’t happen without staff support!

It was lovely to see the children involved in these activities were extremely ‘happy’ learning different ways to take the daily stresses of life away. Throughout the day the children have been learning that it’s ok to be sad and sharing sadness as an emotion is something that we should never be ashamed of. For many of the children ‘Mental Health Awareness’ has been of great interest to them and it was lovely hearing the children sharing what they had learnt throughout the day with their families.

The BIGGEST thank you has to go to our Parent Ambassadors who raised £60 for our playground fund through the sales of healthy smoothies on our Smoothie Bar. The smoothies were delicious and very popular with the parents and children!

A HUGE thank you to the staff at APNA STORE on Hamilton Road, who donated a huge box of fruit for our Smoothie Bar. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Tomorrow we are holding a Mental Health Coffee Morning for Parents!

Join us in the hall for this informal workshop to learn the importance of talking Mental Wellbeing!

Talking Mental Health is never easy. Lets stop the stigma and help our children see that Mental Health is as important as Physical Health! Click on the image below and watch a clip from Inside Out which tackles the subject perfectly!



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