World Peace Day 20th September 2019

World Peace Day — officially The International Day of Peace — is observed annually on September 21st. It is dedicated to world peace, specifically to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. Hopefully, it is an occasion for a temporary ceasefire in combat zones for humanitarian aid access.  As this was on a Saturday this year, we planned our World Peace Day on Friday 20th September at St Agnes, to ensure that this was celebrated at school and the children understood the importance of World Peace.

Peace Mala Accreditation Day 21st May 2019


We were very lucky to have Andy Burnham join us at school and help us promote the importance of acceptance on World Peace Day on Friday. Andy is a British politician and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, in office since May 2017. Andy Burnham had heard all about our work as a Peace Mala School and was keen to visit our school and meet up with the children. We were extremely excited when he arrived at our school.

Andy Burhman enjoying our Peace Presentation from our Peace Mala Children and Student Council. Who reminded us of our Peace Mala Golden Rule ‘To Treat Others as Wish to be Treated Ourselves.” We also learnt about the importance of celebrating World Peace Day to support our global hope for peace.

The children shared the fact that we all have our spiritual path and are unique and different. One child taught us that it was important to remember those who have no faith too.

The children performed the Peace Mala Anthem, One Light. These children performed this song at Brecon Cathedral, Swansea on Monday.

Ms Lynton shared the fact that Manchester is an extremely diverse city, with over 200 languages spoken and a variety of faiths all living side by side peacefully. We are very lucky to live in a culturally rich city!

Two children shared the important Peace Work that we have achieved over the years, as we worked towards our Peace Mala Accreditation.

A balloon release was carried out to send our message beyond Manchester. These balloons were for the Buddhist Community(Orange) and Sikh Community (Yellow) in Manchester!

Andy Burnham spoke with all of the school and expressed his delight at the dedication we had shown as a Peace Mala School. He said our work was exceptionally important and that we were leading the way in what it meant to be a Peaceful School. He said we should be very proud of all of the wonderful work we had done and have achieved.

Finally, we presented Andy Burnham with a Peace Mala Bracelet and asked him to join us as we continue on our journey of promoting global peace!

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