Home learning activities – Tuesday 24th March 2020

Home learning activities – Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning Year One, are we feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed? Here’s today’s learning activities so put your thinking caps on!

Let’s go!!!!


Warm up task

Write the date in your home learning book. Tuesday 24th March 2020

Draw a face to show how you are feeling today.

Draw a picture to show what the weather is like today.



We are looking at Phase 5.

Today’s sound is ie.

Find the video for the ie sound on the phonics section on Espresso.

How else can we spell the ie sound? Think back to Phase 3.

Can you read these words:

pie      tie       cried       tried     replied     spied

In your home learning book, write Phase 3 igh and Phase 5 ie.

Can you sort and write these words under the correct Phase and spelling?

night     fright     cried      pie     sight     tried     sigh     tie     flight     spied      might

Can you pick your favourite ie word and put it in a sentence?

Can you share your sentence in the comments box below or write it in your home learning book?



Copy the short date into your home learning book 24.03.20

Writing our numbers correctly is very important. They have to be written in the right direction and neatly. Can you practise writing all of the numbers to 50 in your home learning book, making sure they are the right size and in the right direction?

This is how to form the numbers. Use the 100 square in your pack to help you.

Ask your adult to check your work. Are there any numbers you found difficult? If there was, write them down and they can be the ones you carry on practising.



What can you find out about a T- Rex? Do some research and write facts in your home learning book. Click on the links below to find some websites to help you.




Share some of your facts in the comments section below.



Read the information and then write the answers to the questions in your home learning book. If you need help, ask a grown up to read it to you.


1) How tall can a T- Rex grow?

2) Why might having quite a large brain help the T– Rex to hunt better?

3) Find and copy two adjectives (describing words) that describe a T-Rex’s thighs.

4) What does a T-Rex eat?

5) Where did the T-Rex live?

6) Why did dinosaurs suddenly become extinct?



We are going to make a musical instrument.

You will need:

  • A plastic bottle or a jar. It will need a lid.
  • 1 tablespoon of dried rice.
  1. Clean the bottle or jar and make sure that it is all dry before you start.
  2. Carefully, pour the rice into the bottle or jar.
  3. Seal it with the lid.
  4. Decorate it anyway you like.
  5. You now have a shaker.

Practise making sound with your new musical instrument.

Can you keep it safe for our next music activity?

A story

I hope you have enjoyed completing today’s activities. Remember to comment below to share your ideas and thoughts. Here is a story for you – can you guess what it is about?



  • Ayman Posted 24th March 2020 11:39 am

    “I spied a thief steeling! “

    • b.milner-davey Posted 24th March 2020 12:00 pm

      That is a fantastic sentence Ayman. What could this thief have been stealing?

      • b.milner-davey Posted 24th March 2020 12:06 pm

        Also did you notice spied and thief both have the ie spelling in them but they make a different sound?

      • Ayman Posted 24th March 2020 1:17 pm

        “They steeled the kings crown from the olden times”

        • b.milner-davey Posted 24th March 2020 1:20 pm

          Oh they stole the kings crown. I wonder if the police found them?

  • Adyan Posted 24th March 2020 1:10 pm

    “I spied on the next door neighbour” from Adyan.

    • b.milner-davey Posted 24th March 2020 1:21 pm

      Great sentence Adyan. What was the neighbour doing?

      • Sanjeda Choudhury Posted 24th March 2020 1:55 pm

        They were eating all day ?
        Adyan has completed all his activities including his reading ?

        • Mrs Smith Posted 24th March 2020 2:03 pm

          Eating all day! Wow, their stomachs must be full! It is fantastic that you are working so hard Adyan, well done!

          • Sanjeda Choudhury Posted 24th March 2020 6:36 pm

            Thanks ?

          • Mrs Smith Posted 24th March 2020 6:43 pm

            Have a lovely evening, hope you enjoy tomorrow’s activities.

  • Jannat janaid Posted 24th March 2020 3:23 pm

    Jannat been enjoying doing her work on school website !
    Thank you it’s very helpful.

    • Mrs Smith Posted 24th March 2020 3:50 pm

      Thank you for that, if there is anything you need we are here for you. Take care.

  • Jannat Posted 24th March 2020 3:25 pm

    She can’t wait to show mrs smith her work in home work book.

    • Mrs Smith Posted 24th March 2020 3:49 pm

      Hi Jannat, I am really glad you’re enjoying the activities we are setting and I can’t wait to see your home learning book! Well done for working so hard, I’m really proud of you!

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