Mr Johnson’s group – Thursday 26th March

Good morning my group, I hope you are all well!

Here is today’s learning:


Our phoneme (sound) for today is:


Can you think of any words that have the ‘x’ sound in them?

Can you read the following words and sentences and draw a picture for each one in your workbook? If you find an alien word, draw an alien!

1. fox

2. six

3.  I am Nax and I am a big red alien.

4. Can you fix the car?


Can you write a word or sentence for each of the following pictures? The word/sentence for each picture is written below it. You can ask an adult to read the word/sentence for you to write, or you can memorise the word/ sentence and have a go at writing it yourself.


Image result for mix clipart



Image result for box clipart



Image result for fox trees clipart

Can you see the fox?


Image result for children clipart

We are all six!



Today we’re going to be finding 1 less.

Activity 1:

Can you choose a number from your number line and then write that number in your workbook? Find the number using counters, and then take one counter away. Write your new number in your workbook. Set it out like this:


1 less









Activity 2:

Write these problems in your workbook and find the answers using your counters to help you.

3 is one less than __

For this problem, find 3 counters, add one more and you will find that 3 is one less than __.

9 is one less than __

6 is 1 less than __

1 less than 5 is __

2 is one less than __

1 less than 3 is __

Activity 3:

1 more/1 less word problems

Image result for cans of pop clipart

  1. Adam has 6 cans of pop. He drinks one can. How many cans does he have left?

Image result for apples clipart

2. Sara has 3 apples. Marva gives her another apple. How many apples does she have now?

Write your answers in your workbook.

Can you create your own word problem and write/draw it in your workbook? An adult could help you to write out your problem.

I hope you enjoy today’s activities!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mr Johnson

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