Mr Johnson’s group – Tuesday 24th March

Good morning my group, I hope you are all well!

Here is today’s learning:


Our phoneme (sound) for today is:


Can you read the following words and sentences and draw a picture for each one in your workbook? If you find an alien word, draw an alien!

1. vop

2. vet

3. Vic has a van.

4. We are all very happy.


Can you write a word or sentence for each of the following pictures? The word/sentence for each picture is written below it. You can ask an adult to read the word/sentence for you to write, or you can memorise the word/ sentence and have a go at writing it yourself.


Image result for van clipart



Image result for red van cartoon

The van is red.


Image result for vet and cat clipart

The vet has got a cat.


Image result for big alien cartoon

Vop is very big.



Activity 1

Can you choose two numbers from your number line, write them side by side in your workbook, and circle which one is worth less. 

If they are equal, can you draw an ‘equals‘ symbol in between them?

Activity 2

Can you choose one number from your number line, write it in your workbook, and then, next to it, write a number that is worth less?

Activity 3

Choose three numbers from your number line. Can you order them in your workbook starting with the number that is worth the least and ending with the number that is worth the most?

Can you try this with 4 numbers? Even 5?!


I hope you enjoy today’s activities!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mr Johnson




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