New Bronze sessions of Active Families starting in January

Would you like to get more active with your families? Would you like to be given free equipment to take home to get active? Would you like to gain valuable friendships with families in our school community? Then Active Families is for you!


We run sessions weekly for an hour in the school hall. Each week we take part in active activities that a simple to understand at play. At the end of each week, you are given a piece of equipment for free so you can play the same games at home. You have the chance to gain stamps and stickers along the journey of the bronze award. After bronze you are entered into the silver award where to take part in activities in the community. Once you have managed to engage in the community you will entered into gold award.

We have had a successful first batch of sessions and we are now ready to recruit the new families for the sessions in January.


If you would like to take part, please let myself or Ms Lynton know and we can get you all signed up and ready to go!

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