Numbots Achievement Awards

Each week I will log on to Numbots to see which children are practicing their Maths skills and to see if anyone has achieved any certificates. Look out for your name on these posts! I will save the paper certificates for when we return to school.

Effort Awards

Well done to theses children that have logged on and have been practicing their Maths skills!


Musa, Aadil C, Eman, Hajirah, Abid, Manha, Awais, Aaryan, Adil R, Fatima, Mh.Shahzaib, Ayman


Firass, Sahil, Ahmed, Hibah, Hadia, Sufyaan, Eshaan


Iron Award

Rust is the practice chapter. The chapters after that are when you begin to win certificates. The first chapter is Iron. You get the certificate once you have completed all of the levels within the chapter. So far we have one winner of Iron.

Well done

Ayman 1T


Top Three

These are the names of the children who have completed the most levels so far…

1st – Ayman 1T

2nd – Mh.Shahzaib 1T     Firass 1C

3rd – Sahil 1C


Well done to all of the children who have been mentioned above. Keep up the great work. If you haven’t logged on yet, please do. Your name could be on here too!

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