We’re going on a pebble hunt!

Longsight Rocks!

Over the summer a nationwide pebble hunt has taken local communities by storm and here at St Agnes we want to join in!

As part of the 100th Year anniversary of the ending of WW1 every child in school has decorated a pebble with a poppy with a view to kick start a Longsight Pebble hunt.

Over the next couple of days your children will be bringing pebbles home that we would like them to hide in a public green space such as a local park. The idea is that children and families then spend some time hunting for pebbles in their local areas. When a pebble is found, take a picture and send it in to us to display on the website, then re-hide the pebble for someone else to find!

Why not decorate some of your own pebbles to hide too?

We look forward to your photos!

Miss Ryan 🙂


For more information click here!

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