Year 1 Home Learning Activities – Friday 22nd May

Year 1 Home Learning Activities – Friday 22nd May

Good morning Year One. It is the end of our school week and also the end of this half term. Next week is the holiday, so have a good rest and stay safe.  I can imagine that all of you and your family are busy preparing for Eid so today we have a couple of activities for you and then one especially for the special celebration. When the day comes to celebrate, if you take a picture of you and your family and email them to us, we would love to see how you enjoyed the day and share these on the website. Remember the email address is

Let’s get started.


Follow the link below to start your day with Joe Wicks



In your home learning book write today’s date

Friday 22nd May 2020

Draw a face to show how you are feeling today.

What’s the weather like today? Draw a picture to show the weather.



Today we are going to practice the Phase 5 sound ue.

Find the page for ue on Espresso Phonics and watch the video.

Read the questions below and write the answers in your home learning book. Read the ue words to somebody in your family.

Click on the link below to play the Dinosaur’s Eggs game. Click on ue and then help the eggs to hatch!



In the last activity we learned there are lots of different kinds of trees. Now we are going to learn that all those trees can be put into 2 groups – deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Click on the link below to find out what those words mean.

Terrific Trees

Can you explain to somebody in your family what ‘deciduous’ and ‘evergreen’ mean?

Do you remember the descriptions of what leaves on deciduous and evergreen trees look like??


Leaves on deciduous trees are:                                        Leaves on evergreen trees are:

broad, flat, have veins running through them           thick, waxy, small, narrow like needles

Click on the link below to sort leaves into deciduous or evergreen

Go on Espresso, Key Stage 1, Science, Plants, Activities, Sorting Trees and play the game.

Have you had chance yet to do the labelling parts of a tree activity in your home learning pack? If not, you can do it now.

Go to Espresso, Key Stage 1, Science, Plants, Activities, Parts of a Tree.

Play the game. You may need someone to help you read the labels. Did you label your tree correctly



As it is Eid at the beginning of the holiday, here are some activities for you to complete for this special celebration!

Watch how another girl prepares for and celebrates Eid.

How are  you and your family preparing? What will you be doing? Share your replies in the comments box below.

Here is a template for you to use to make an Eid card or you could have a go at making your own.

Eid card template


A song to end with...

Enjoy the holidays, we will see you soon and Eid Mubarak!

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