Year 1 – Home Learning Thursday 21st May

Year 1 – Home Learning Thursday 21st May

Good morning Year 1. I love waking up to bright sunshine but what I do not love is being woken up by the dawn chorus at 5 o’clock in the morning! Do you know what the ‘dawn chorus’ is? Find out and post your answer in the comments below. Remember, if you email your work to us we can put it on the website to show your friends. Send it to

Okay, let’s get started …..



Follow the link below to start your day with Joe Wicks



In your home learning book write today’s date

Thursday 21st May 2020

Draw a face to show how you are feeling today.

What’s the weather like today? Draw a picture to show the weather.



Today we are going to practice the Phase 5 sound ir. Go onto Espresso and re-watch the ir video.

Read the questions below and write the answers in your home learning book. Read the ir words to somebody in your family.

Click on the link below to play Forest Phonics. Click the arrow on the right then click on ir. Spell the words correctly and watch a silly video!



Ask somebody to read the Beegu story to you while you do the actions you have made.

Beegu text

We have looked at the two places Beegu visited in the story – a playground and a zoo.

Now you are going to create a new place for your alien to visit. It can be anywhere you like – but pick a place you know lots about! If you are stuck for ideas, click on the link below.


In your home learning book draw a picture of the place your alien is going to visit. Remember, it can be anywhere you like! Now you are going to write a description of that place. Think back to the sentences you wrote about the playground and the zoo. Remember to describe everything your alien can see and hear. Try and use exciting WOW words (adjectives and verbs). Try and use ‘and’ or other conjunctions. Maybe you could even use some alliteration. Try and write at least 3 sentences.


Aa – capital letters                            Sp – use your phonics to spell

finger spaces                                      CE – spell tricky words correctly

. – full stops                                       WOW – use exciting words

ABC – make capital letters the biggest

abc – form letters correctly

pqht – form ascenders and descenders correctly

When you have finished, read it out loud to somebody in your family. You could share it in the comments or send it in an email to



Beegu now knows she is on Earth and that she has landed in the UK. You have shown her where the UK is on the world map. She also now knows that the United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries. Can you say them out loud? Which one was is the biggest country? Which one is the smallest? She also knows the names of the capital cities. Can you say them out loud?

The United Kingdom is surrounded by 3 seas and 1 ocean.

Look at the map below. Can you find the names of the 3 seas? When you find them can you write them in your home learning book?

Here is a challenge. The name of the ocean that borders the UK is not on the map above. Can you find out the name of it and leave your answer in the comments box below?



Watch the video on Espresso for how to write q. Can you remember which letter family q belongs to?

Practise with your magic pencil in the air. Ask someone in your family to put a little bit of flour, salt or sugar (any powder will do) on a plate and practise making q in it.

Now practise writing q on the sheet in your home learning pack. Remember to start at the top inside the grey line. This letter is a descender so it has a long tail that goes below the grey line.


Something extra …

Practise spelling these words in your home learning book:

once, ask, friend, school, put

 Use them to fill in the missing word in these sentences:

1) My best ______________ is called Mohsin.

2) I will ____________ my mum if you can come for tea.

3) I live near my ______________.

4) I will __________________ my toys away.

5) ________________ upon a time…..

Write your own sentences using:

1) once   2) ask   3) friend    4) school    5) put


Story time

Click on the link below to enjoy a story with your family.



  • Ismaeel Posted 21st May 2020 4:47 pm

    Ismaeel has completed his homework

    • Mrs Smith Posted 22nd May 2020 9:44 am

      Brilliant Ismaeel, well done!

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