Year 1 – Home Learning Tuesday 19th May

Year 1 – Home Learning Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Year 1. I got woken up this morning by one of my cats, Ember, purring in my ear! Have you got a pet? If you haven’t, what pet would you like to have?

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities. Are you ready for today’s? Let’s go!!



Follow the link below to start your with Joe Wicks



In your home learning book write today’s date

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Draw a face to show how you are feeling today.

What’s the weather like today? Draw a picture to show the weather.



Today we are going to practice the Phase 5 sound ea. Click on the link below to watch the video. Go onto Espresso to re-watch the ea video.

Read the questions below and write the answers in your home learning book. Read the ea words to somebody in your family.

Click on the link below to play Poop Deck Pirates. Click on Phase 5, choose ie and ea and fill the pirate’s treasure chest!



Ask somebody to read the Beegu story to you while you do the actions you have made.

Beegu text

You are going to create your own alien character – it can look like anything you want! If you would like to use the alien you made in D.T. then that would be great! If not, draw a picture of your own alien in your home learning book and give it a name. If you are struggling for ideas, click on the link below.

Alien Ideas

Now you have created and named your alien character you are going to write a description of it. Think back to the sentences you wrote describing Beegu. You used some fantastic WOW words (adjectives and verbs). Try and use ‘and’ or other conjunctions. Maybe you could even use some alliteration. Try and write at least 3 sentences.


Aa – capital letters                            Sp – use your phonics to spell

finger spaces                                      CE – spell tricky words correctly

. – full stops                                       WOW – use exciting words

ABC – make capital letters the biggest

abc – form letters correctly

pqht – form ascenders and descenders correctly

When you have finished, read your description to somebody in your family. You could share it in the comments or email your description and a picture of your alien and we will share it on the website.  Send it to:



Can you remember the names of different types of flowers? Click on the link below, you will recognise some of the flowers but there are some new ones too. Do you think they are wild or garden flowers?

In this activity we are going to think about another type of plant – trees. Just like there are lots of different kinds of flowers, there are also lots of different kinds of trees. Can you think of any? Write a list in your home learning book. Click on the link below to learn about different kinds of trees.

Identifying Trees

Let’s see how many trees you can remember! Click on the link below to take the quiz. No looking at the answers until you have finished!

Trees Quiz

One of the ways of telling trees apart is by their leaves. Use the sheet in the link below to help you with a leaf quiz.

Leaf sheet

Click here for the leaf quiz.

click on Leaf ID



Watch the video on Espresso for how to write o. Can you remember which letter family o belongs to?

Practise with your magic pencil in the air. Ask someone in your family to put a little bit of flour, salt or sugar (any powder will do) on a plate and practise making o in it.

Now practise writing o on the sheet in your home learning pack. Remember to start at the top and stay inside the grey line.



Can you remember when the English composer, Gustav Holts, wrote The Planets Suite?

So far you have listened to four movements from The Planets Suite:

Mercury – The Winged Messenger

Venus – The Bringer of Peace

Earth – The Bringer of Life

Mars – The Bringer of War

Today you are going to listen to Jupiter – The Bringer of Jollity.

Do you know what the word jollity means? Do you think this piece of music will sound the same as the others? Why do you think that?

What instruments do you think you can hear? What is the tempo like? Does the music stay at the same tempo? What is the volume of the music like? Does the music stay at the same volume? How does the music make you feel?

Find the musical instrument you made a few weeks ago and play along with the music.

Can you dance to the music? How does the music make you want to move? Will your movements be fast or slow? Will they be smooth and floaty or sharp and jerky?

Talk to an adult or family member about the music. What do they think of it?

Click on the link below to hear the music.

Jupiter – The Bringer of Jollity


Something extra

Practise spelling these words in your home learning book:

where, love, come, some, one

 Use them to fill in the missing word in these sentences:

1) I ______________ my pet rabbit.

2) Here are ____________ cakes to share.

3) I have ______________ apple left.

4) I have __________________ to your house.

5) I don’t know ________________ my hat is.

Write your own sentences using:

1) where   2) love   3) some    4) come    5) one


Story Time

Click on the link below to enjoy a story with your family.


  • Fatima sajjad Posted 19th May 2020 12:24 pm

    I have a cat called Tyson and a parrot called diego

    • b.milner-davey Posted 19th May 2020 12:45 pm

      Wow that’s amazing Fatima. Can your parrot talk?

      • Fatima sajjad Posted 19th May 2020 3:26 pm

        Just recently We have heard him say STOP IT !!!!!!!!……… But only at night time when we put him to bed.

        • Mrs Smith Posted 19th May 2020 4:05 pm

          That really made me laugh!!! He must want to stay up and watch more TV!

  • Sanjeda Choudhury Posted 19th May 2020 12:49 pm

    Adyan has completed the activities ?

    His alien name is Rosie.
    1. Rosie has one big yellow eye.
    2. Rosie has two big, long scary legs.
    3. Rosie has four skinny, small and hairy hands and feet.

    • b.milner-davey Posted 19th May 2020 2:24 pm

      Fantastic sentences Adyan. I like the adjectives that you have used and I love the name of your alien!

    • Mrs Smith Posted 19th May 2020 3:00 pm

      Your alien sounds amazing Adyan! Did you draw a picture of Rosie? If so, email it to school and I will put it on the website.

  • Ismaeel Posted 19th May 2020 2:30 pm

    Ismaeel enjoyed drawing his alien Nobot. We have emailed the picture in.

    • b.milner-davey Posted 19th May 2020 2:58 pm

      Fantastic name Ismaeel! We can’t wait to see it and share it with everyone 🙂

  • Abdullah Posted 19th May 2020 3:15 pm

    Abdullah like to drowning his blue alien picture and make a santens
    My blue alien hav 5 black eyes ,

    • Mrs Smith Posted 19th May 2020 4:09 pm

      Your alien sounds amazing Abdullah! What have you called it? I would love to see your drawing. If they have time maybe someone in your family could email a picture to school and we can put it on the website?

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