Check out our super starry poems!

We’ve been writing about space this week and made our own poems.  We even tried to use alliteration and similes!

Unfortunately, we can’t print all of our poems here (and they were all really good!!) but here are a few excerpts for you to have a look at.

Deep in space the golden, glittering star is glistening and gleaming.

Deep in space the yellow and red rocket is beautiful and shiny, zooming out in the bright, blue space.



Deep in space the red, roaring, rushing rocket is zooming through Jupiter.

The alien is as green as grass.



Deep in space the gleaming stars shine as bright as the sun.

Deep in space the smoky darkness shines.



Deep in space the bright cream moon is slow like a snail.

Deep in space the rainbow rocket is as fast as a shooting star.



Aren’t they wonderful?


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