Home Learning Thursday 26th March

Good morning everybody. Have you tried doing some exercise at home yet? Lots of people all over the country are doing daily PE with Joe Wicks as a brilliant way of staying healthy and active while we are stuck at home. Why not try it today and let us know how you get on?

You can find the video here:

For your maths today we would like you to work on telling the time. Draw a clock in your book and think about where each number goes. Which number shows o’clock? Where does the big hand point for half past? Look at the clock during the day and try to tell the time.

In English we would like you to practice using expanded noun phrases to describe someone in your family.

e.g. My kind, caring dad.

My funny, helpful sister.

Choose some kind adjectives and write your phrase on some paper with a picture of them. This will make a lovely gift to make them smile. You could decorate your paper to make it extra special.

Something extra!

Play the alphabet game. Start with A and find something in your house beginning with that letter. Next try B and C. Can you find something for every letter in the alphabet?

Have a fantastic day!


  • Obaid Posted 26th March 2020 5:46 pm

    enjoying the activities.

    • Mrs Haggart Posted 27th March 2020 7:41 am

      Hi Obaid,
      Glad to hear it. Hope you enjoy today’s ones too! Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.
      Mrs Haggart

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